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“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” C.S. Lewis

It is fair to say, that recruiters have earned an unenviable reputation that is perhaps a little unfair although, in small pockets, at times justified. When you are working with an external partner, in any circumstance, you want to know that they will do the right thing and not just say the right thing.

Being an independent recruitment partner, Ashridge Talent can demonstrate and conduct ourselves with total visibility and accountability. For clients, you can be confident that we understand and will represent the brand and values as you would. For candidates, you can trust in how you and your information will be handled and presented to a client with complete discretion.

As an independent, free from corporate hierarchy and internal politics, I am in a liberating position to be able to give more. Which is why, each year, Ashridge Talent will make donations to a number of charitable causes. It might not be a lot as we get up and running but I hope in time it will become a significant sum that will go towards helping get people into work, support the industries that have supported us and try to give a little back to our communities.

It’s about doing the right thing.

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